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Anna Brunner, a Salzburg-based digital & analog designer, explores the artistic fusion of analog and digital mediums. With a degree in MultiMediaArt from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, she is currently working as a digital designer and actively contributing to the art collective EXTASIER.


light show–analog visuells 

An overhead projector is used to project various analog media onto buildings and natural surfaces. This technique has been employed at various events, creating stunning visual displays. Project with EXTASIER.


Troll & Chill exhibition
 ​Where are the boundaries of humor - and what is considered funny? When does humor cross the line and become hurtful, and to what extent is it permissible? We live in a time where sensitivity towards discriminatory behavior has reached a peak. In the realm of art, as well as in science and language, questions of acceptability must be reevaluated. This exhibition delves into the subject of humor, exploring its complexities and its impact on contemporary society. Project with Extasier.


 ​[ri'zist] is a conceptual and spatial media installation that explores the perception of time in the digital realm. It aims to capture the essence of contemporary temporal experiences within a digital space. The project is a collaborative effort with the music label beatsupply.


Low Bro(w)

WE LIKE IT LOW BRO(W)! Because we stand for an art that does something different than sitting on its ass in a museum! An art that doesn't exclude anyone, uses any material, celebrates skills and lack of ideas, and asks the question "Is this art, or can it be discarded?" An art that sees weaknesses as talents and makes even the most mundane everyday situations its subject.

Project with Extasier.


Sunderland - Corporate Design
 ​Sunderland is a port city in the north-east of London. The origin of the name Sunderland is - "the divided country". I wanted to take up this metaphor and illustrate the connection between land and sea with the colours in the logo and with a wave form. 


Black & White Branding Mock-Up.jpg
Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp 3.jpg

GREEN TOWN - Magazine
 ​The city, infinite vastness of grey! Houses string together, getting bigger and bigger and swankier. A network of streets and noisy traffic. Duller and duller city. Where even that little bit of nature is eradicated and replaced by the next best concrete block with huge advertising space. What is missing? GREEN. Exactly this magazine is this revolution! The first issue that has translated the struggle between green and grey into images and text.  


Komp 1_1.gif

creativity rules - corporate design
 ​Creativity Rules is an art festival in which various graduation works of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg MultiMediaArt in the field of design, film and game are exhibited. In 2018 Creativity Rules was held under the motto "The Art of Idea". An extensive corporate design was created and the event was supervised. 


Komp 1 (0-00-09-20).jpg
Komp 1 (0-00-06-07).jpg
Komp 1 (0-00-24-16).jpg

Bukuri - Magazine
 ​Creation of a magazine with the topic "values". The magazine bukuri deals with the value of beauty in society and presents it in the most different variations. The design theme that runs through is: Against the norm. 

_DSC0621 Kopie.jpg
Komp 2.gif

Green Revolution - Design
 ​Creation of a coproate design for a revolutionary garden shop.
Ever dreary city! Gray! The color of the city!  But not with us! United, green REVOLTUION makes the city colourful again. Strong contrasting colours support this message.



© Anna Brunner

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